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Healing Crystal Bar

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Philadelphia Sourced by The Chandlery

Crystals have been revered for their beauty and power for thousands of years. Whether you need protection from negative energy or a reminder of the peace and beauty in the world, there is a mystic crystal for you. Shop our one-of-a-kind crystal bar and find the stone that calls out to you. Listen, the universe may have something to say! 

Shop Our Entire Collection of Crystals:

  • Selenite Stick - cleanse and clear your energy
  • Green Calcite - remove negative energy and growth blockers
  • Black Obsidian - clear your aura of resentment, fear, and anger
  • Green Opal - support health, prosperity, and abundance
  • Blue Angelite - find your truth and gain perception
  • Rose Quartz - restore relationships and find love
  • Black Tourmaline - balance and harmonize your environment
  • Desert Jasper - bring optimism and happiness into your life
  • Amethyst - ground yourself and feel a sense of calm
  • Pink Himalayan Salt - center your energy and bring prosperity into the home