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In a nutshell, The Chandlery is the brick and mortar store for Old City Canning Co. candles and fragrance products. But, in reality, our little shop in Graduate Hospital is so much more than that. We gladly feature a selection of curated local brands and independant makers whose craftsmanship and passion mirrors our own. 

We opened our store in 2020, when the world was seemingly coming to an end. At the time, we saw our shop as a source for inspiration for those stuck at home. Filled with good smells, pretty objects, and vibrant plants and flowers, The Chandlery quickly developed a personality of its own, and we inspired a whole new crop of pandemic-business-people to take their passions to a new level.

The Chandlery serves as a starting point for many budding makers and entrepreneurs. A good many of the vendors featured in our shop have never had their products in a "real store" before. Not only are we honored to be the starting point for new entrepreneurs, we decided early on that all of our local makers will make more money on their sales than we do--after all, starting a business is tough and getting a foot in the door takes a lot of resources!

In early 2021, The Chandlery introduced a new initiative to foster a creative community through the aptly named Creative Community Fund. This stipend-based program distributes one-time payments to local makers so they may purchase supplies and equipment to scale up their businesses. The Chandlery then purchases the maker's products at less-than-wholesale and features their works in our store.

We welcome you to visit our store in person. We can't wait to meet you!