Behind Old City Canning Co.

Old City Canning Co. designs and makes candles and home fragrances. All our scents are designed by our sibling company, Philadelphia Scent Studio. Each item is made to a meticulous standard to promote a present scent throw without being overpowering.

We believe that peace of mind and happiness can be achieved through exercise of the senses. Our products are intentionally designed to highlight awareness and appreciation of our ability to smell nice things.

Our candles are designed by an Advanced Sommelier with training in sensory evaluation. What started as our founder's hobby and passion has blossomed into a quest to design and create near-perfect fragrance products.

Old City Canning & Co

Our little chandlery got its start in Old City, Philadelphia (hence the name). Since then we've outgrown our small space in Old City and now reside in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood.

We take pride in the craftsmanship and art of our products. We've spent years testing every variable that goes into our products. We're really happy to share our passion with you.

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