Behind Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals

Based in Philadelphia, Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals offers premium herbal infusions and delectable teas of exquisite quality. The ethos of plants as medicine is both ancient mythology and modern necessity. It brings friends together, comforts us when we are sick and nourishes our bodies from the inside out. When these powerful roots, leaves and flowers are infused, decocted or steeped in sunshine, intoxicating botanical flavors are released.

Megan Bacle, founder of Blushing Wren Teas & Botanicals, is committed to sourcing ingredients that are grown locally, sustainably and inherently free of chemicals. Fresh herbs are hand-harvested, skillfully dried and carefully stored away from air and light to preserve potency and vitality. The blending process is delicate and ensures that all ingredients remain wholly beautiful. Pennsylvania’s agricultural and culinary abundance is highlighted whenever possible and serves as inspirational muse.

Megan Bacle Blushing Wren Teas and Botanicals


Cultivated teas are procured from around the world and selected for their exquisite flavor and quality. The leaves and buds of Camellia Sinensis are picked by hand and expertly oxidized, fired and fermented to achieve a desired result. With respect to the teas’ innate excellence, they are minimally blended to ensure that the tea leaves are the deserving stars of your palate.

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