Our pricing models are intentionally reasonable to make our services accessible to small brands that otherwise may not be able to afford bespoke services. The pricing below are estimates based on previous projects. Each project differs in quality and complexity, therefore these are estimates only.

  • Design Fee: We charge a scent design fee on all projects. This fee starts at $75 if you want to customize a scent blend already in our library. If you want to start from scratch, the design fee starts at $175, depending on the complexity and purpose of the scent.
  • Product Pricing: Once a scent is designed, we can incorporate it into a variety of different products. Pricing ultimately depends on the materials and ingredients used as well as volume produced. Volume discounts kick-in around 100 units and are tiered up from there.

** The above information is provided as a reference. Ultimate pricing for a project will be determined in each customer's Manufacturing Agreement.