Re+Candle Jar Recycling

If you're anything like us, you burn a lot of candles at home. What do you do with old candle vessels? Give them to us!

We're now accepting used, unbroken candle vessels at The Chandlery.

  1. Gently heat your vessel on the lowest setting in your oven to remove excess wax.
  2. Use oven mitts -- you can discard the wax or reuse for another purpose.
  3. Wash out the vessel with soap and water.
  4. Remove the label.
  5. Bring to us!

We'll give you a punch card to track your vessels, and when it's filled up, we'll give you a free candle or 10% off.

We accept vessels from ANY candle maker, not just ours. We'll give your old candle vessel a new lease on life with a custom fragrance by Old City Canning Co.