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Blind Tiger Coffee - Bitter, sweet

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Notes of Chocolate, Cola, Plum

Stoop Sitter is an homage to our favorite Philly past-time: sitting on one's stoop and cutting it up with your neighborhood. It's not uncommon to roll around South Philly, Kensington, Port Richmond, or really anywhere and see folks, young and old, outside on their steps, relaxing in their gym-ware, construction gear, pajamas and flip-flops, smoking a cigarette, drinking any number of things, or hanging out with their pets. Stoop-sitting is a lot of things to us: weird, unassuming, honest, beautiful, funny, and fun.

Stoop Sitter celebrates this idea of simplicity and comfort. It's tendency is to gear toward the sweeter side of coffee's spectrum. Expect notes of cola, orange zest, and chocolate. It is currently a blend of washed coffees from Huila, Colombia and honey processed coffee from Ema Ordonez in Nariño, Colombia, respectively. And true to its muse, it works well hanging out with others, whether it be steamed milk, chocolate ganache, or whatever else you might have behind the bar, in your cabinet, or in the back of your refrigerator. It's uncluttered and not busy; maybe you can relate.