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Blind Tiger Coffee - Flavor Drinker

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Philadelphia Made by Blind Tiger Coffee

It’s a delicious coffee from Colombia and it just happens to be decaf. It’s like a delicious pizza, that just happens to give you cool pizza abs instead of pizza gut!

This coffee hails from the farms of a few producers in the Tolima Department of Colombia. As it stands, this coffee is amazing. We’ve had some very good decaf in the past and we can confidently say, this is the best decaf we’ve ever had. It’s sweet and lacks that certain “je ne sais pas” that is “that decaf flavor.” This is full-on, very sweet coffee; caramel-sweet with balanced acidity. It’s composed of Caturra, Castillo, Tabi and Colombia varieties and is fully washed. Expect the unexpected: a wonderful cup of coffee that won’t bug you, your coworkers, or your loved-ones out.

  • This coffee blend has notes of caramel, zest, and floral.

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