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Blind Tiger Coffee - Happy Lamp Blend

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Notes of Caramel, Zest, and Floral

Happy Lamp is the answer to winter blues, the summertime blues, and is the defender of the tired, weary, and the bummed.

This blend was conceived of during the darkness of a PNW winter, near the house SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Lamp. The idea is to have fun with soothing, brighter flavors. Expect vibrant, zesty flavors a la citrus and apricot with a sweet caramel and honey undertone. It’s a lively cup that should not only raise your spirit but also take ya on one of them flavor journeys everyone keeps talking about…

This time around it features coffees from the Huila Dept of Colombia and Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. This coffee consists of caturra, typica, colombia, and castillo varieties from Colombia and heirloom strains from Ethiopia. We love washed process coffees from high-grown elevations. They tend to be cleaner and more dynamic. All of these coffees were selected for their wild, vivid, and sweet aromatics. Expect notes of grapefruit zest, caramel, and mango.