Blushing Wren

Ginger Tea Blend

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Philadelphia Made by blushing wren

Enjoy strong flavor and strong energy with a hot cup of this potent ginger tea blend. Locally-grown and freshly harvested organic ginger is blended with lemon peel, turmeric, milky oats, rosemary, and white pepper for a zingy infusion, sure to give you an energy boost. Ginger tisanes can also help with nausea, reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, relieve stress, and improve circulation. Sometimes you should approach new situations gingerly. But when it comes to a hot cup of this ginger tea, we recommend taking the plunge!

  • Flavor Profile: ginger, tart citrus, pepper
  • Ingredients: organic ginger, lemon peel, turmeric, milky oats, rosemary, white pepper

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