State of Being

Radiant Candle - Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Pink Pepper Scent

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Grapefruit | Vetiver | Passionfruit | Pink Peppercorn 

Grapefruit: Known for cleansing your aura and mental state, helps release confusion and mental chatter. Also helps to restore our own power and claim our own spiritual purpose. 

Vetiver: Vetiver brings calming properties to this mix, it can stimulate the mind while helping to release depression, tension and anxiety. Vetiver works excellently for balancing both the crown and root chakras. It helps to calm, ground and nurture a hyperactive or insecure mind by allowing one to release from distractive thoughts and be present in this moment.

Product Details:
• 50 hours burn time
• 9 oz. white glass jar
• 3.5" x 3.5" candle dimensions
• 4" x 4" packaging dimensions
• Single wick
• Soy and coconut wax blend