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Resilient Candle - Mandarin, Peach, Jasmine

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Product Description: Mandarin | Peach | Jasmine This stunningly bright blend will celebrate you and your resiliency with a dose of happy inhalations. This pleasantly balanced scent provides an uplifting moment in the days that seem heavy and require your strong resiliency. A bright spot in your home, light this candle and enjoy the cup of joy that surrounds you with this charming aroma. Peach: associated with love, the peach scent provides an uplifting moment for when you're facing tough challenges. Also associated as the tree of life, this peach essence symbolizes immortality and unity. Mandarin: relaxing the mind and creating optimism, mandarin will soothe away nervous tensions and support you feeling bright and energized. Jasmine: used as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety and emotional stress, Product Details: • 50 hours burn time • 9 oz. white glass jar • 3.5" x 3.5" candle dimensions • 4" x 4" packaging dimensions • Single wick • Soy and coconut wax blend