Wah Gwan® by Marcus Anthony Table

Wah Gwan Dry Brine

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Philadelphia Made by Marcus Anthony Table

Wah Gwan seasonings and brines by Marcus Anthony Table are made in Philadelphia using the finest ingredients. Marcus Anthony is a chef and nutrition coach with a mission to bring the Jamaican flavors of his heritage to everyone’s table with simple ingredients and processes. Using his dry brine is as easy as salting food and letting it rest before cooking. Unlock the senses with flavors of star anise, juniper, thyme, and more.


  • Dry brine: Brine your protein by coating the meat’s exterior with the brine and let it sit in the fridge overnight, locking in moisture and flavor.
  • Wet brine: Brine your protein or vegetables by mixing the brine with water and soaking overnight, adding flavor and moisture.
  • Seasoning: Use brine as you would salt, as a seasoning or finishing salt.

Ingredients: salt, star anise, coriander, bay leaf, juniper, thyme, and fennel

Product Details:

  • Size: 4oz.
  • Free of nuts, gluten, dairy, MSG, artificial colors, and flavors.