Wah Gwan® by Marcus Anthony Table

Original Spice Blend by Wah Gwan®

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'- instructions;
- Marinades and rubs;
Combine wah gwan* with olive oil and salt to taste for use as a marinade on meat and vegetables. To use as a dry rub, liberally coat your meat or proteins with wah gwan®.
- Seasoning in cooking;
Wah gwan® is so versatile it can be used in any style of cooking. From the Caribbean to italian, wah gwan® is meant to be the feature flavor or as a supporting spice to achieve your desired taste. It will give you a head start on flavor for every dish.
- Finishing seasoning;
Top your eggs, your sandwich, your salads with wah gwan®. This adds flavor to every bite effortlessly.
- Ingredients: paprika, garlic powder, peppers, onion powder, proprietary herbs, and organic rice hulls to prevent caking.
Does not contain nuts, gluten, dairy, or any artificial colors or flavors, no salt or MSG.
Size - 3oz.